turkey train anatolia

A Train Ride Across Anatolia

If you visit Turkey just for Istanbul, you’re missing out on the ancient rugged gems tucked away in the country’s eastern corners.
lesvos greece travel

A Lesvos Experience

Don’t let the migrant-crisis headlines fool you: Lesvos is one of the most quietly beautiful, and least touristed, islands in Greece’s Aegean Sea. 
kosice slovakia travel guide

Two Days in Košice

Honestly, I don’t think we would have ever gone to Košice if we hadn’t found a super-cheap flight back home to Istanbul. We knew very little about the eastern Slovakian city before we went; but, in the end, we ...
bratislava slovakia ufo bridge

Bratislava, Slovakia’s Lovely (and Small) Capital

After Vienna and Prague, I ended my triptych of Central European capitals in Bratislava, Slovakia’s modest but lovely capital. With a population of “only” 415,000, Bratislava feels more like a town than a ca...
medieval prague castle tour

A Walk Through Medieval Prague

From the magnificent architecture and romantic atmosphere to the vibrant nightlife and excellent local beer, there are countless reasons to visit Prague. No wonder that, since the fall of the iron curtain, the ...