bratislava slovakia ufo bridge

Bratislava, Slovakia’s Lovely (and Small) Capital

After Vienna and Prague, I ended my triptych of Central European capitals in Bratislava, Slovakia’s modest but lovely capital. With a population of “only” 415,000, Bratislava feels more like a town than a ca...
medieval prague castle tour

A Walk Through Medieval Prague

From the magnificent architecture and romantic atmosphere to the vibrant nightlife and excellent local beer, there are countless reasons to visit Prague. No wonder that, since the fall of the iron curtain, the ...
things to do brno

What to See in Brno, Czech Republic

Before going there, I knew Brno only for hosting the MotoGP Grand Prix. If you are not into motor sports, you probably haven’t heard of it. Yet while planning my trip through Central Europe, looking on the map...
Karlskirche vienna church

Vienna, Austria: A Historic Dreamland

Vienna is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful European capitals, and exploring the Austrian capital is an utterly pleasant experience. During the day, tourists and locals alike walk along the wide bou...
istanbul longform travel story

A Tour of Istanbul

Straddled by two continents, stamped by East and West, shaped by conquering tribes and centuries of trade, Istanbul’s eclectic majesty stands alone.
szeged hungary travel

A Day in Szeged, Hungary​

We were still sleepy and dizzy at 6:30 a.m. when we got on the bus to travel to Szeged, Hungary. But a shining sun and blue sky welcomed us to what is deservedly nicknamed the “City of Sunshine,” called so beca...
Ataturk Airport Attack

When Home is the Dangerous Place

“Dario, blasts and gunfire at Istanbul airport!” My father’s words, shouted all of a sudden, hit my ears like a bolt from the blue.  I’m vacationing at my parents’ place in Italy when the terrible news fro...
Novi Sad Freedom Square

How to Spend 24 Hours in Novi Sad, Serbia

It’s 8 a.m. when our train crosses the bridge over the Sava river, offering us one last glimpse of Belgrade. In a few minutes the capital is behind us and the train proceeds at full speed through a vast expanse...
belgrade serbia

How to Spend a Perfect Weekend in Belgrade, Serbia

In the decades since the collapse of Yugoslavia, Belgrade has been reviving its status as one of Europe’s most vibrant and feistiest cities. At times during my short visit it felt like a giant urban experiment:...