namibia self-drive safari

Self-Drive Safari: Venturing Across the Namibian Desert

In southwestern Africa sits a country with some of the continent's best treasures—desert, savannah, coastline and big game. Join a Canadian couple as they road trip across Namibia, where the land is golden and the skies starry.
expat life

Seen Them, Been Them: The 11 Types of Expat

People move abroad for many different reasons. But if you tally them up, you’ll find they generally fall into pretty distinctive categories. The same is true for the way they react to their host culture. Some l...
Bank Accounts Abroad

The Expat’s Guide to Opening a Bank Account Abroad

The last time I opened a bank account in Canada, it took me 15 or 20 minutes. I just walked in off the street on an impulse and filled in an application. I only had to show them my driver’s license as proof of ...
Family Travel

Forget Your Excuses and Go Travel

Do you say you want to travel or live abroad, but when asked why you don’t get started, you find yourself reciting a long list of reasons to prove it’s impossible? You’re not alone. It’s easy to dream big...
tips for beating jet lag

Top 5 Tips for Surviving Jet Lag

Jet lag is the price we pay for travelling at high speeds. The technical term for it is a “circadian rhythm sleep disorder,” which just means your internal clock is messed up because you hopped time zones fa...