Some say Jamaica’s tourism industry has been defined — or dominated — by its resort culture. And though that brings wealth to the local economy, anybody who’s ever listened to the legend that is Bob Marley knows the island nation has so, so much more to offer!

This 8-day tour from Intrepid Travel offers a 360-opportunity — from Montego Bay to Montego Bay — to experience both the incredible tropical beauty of this Caribbean island nation and an exquisite and vibrant culture that “punches well above its weight.”

Ocho Rios Bay Beach _ Jamaica Tourism Bd

Yes, you get to spend time on a spectacular white-sand beach. (Jamaica Tourism Board)

You will explore Jamaica’s world-renowned reggae and Rastafari culture, visit a Rastafari village and the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston (birthplace of reggae). Head for a swim at Dunn’s River (Water) Falls near Ocho Rios, then in the turquoise waters at Seven Mile Beach in Negril, where you’ll also visit renowned local fave, Rick’s Cafe. Maybe the highlight of this tour is the opportunity for a home-cooked meal at a private home,  where authentic jerk chicken might make the menu, and you might make some new friends.

Bob Marley, everywhere! (Pixabay)

Bob Marley, everywhere. (fak1911: Pixabay)

Booking Info


  • Phone: 855.299.1211
  • Length/Departs: 8 days / Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Oct., Nov., Dec. 2019 & 2020
  • Accommodation: Hotels
  • Transportation: Private vehicle, public bus, taxi
  • Price: $2,299 CDN
  • Difficulty: Easy

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