Canmore Kananaskis

Between its Olympian ski slopes, towering mountain peaks and year-round festivals, Canmore genuinely deserves the title of Alberta’s brightest hidden gem. You could divide its history into four timeframes: the creation of its geological wonders, when tectonic shifts crafted a beautiful landscape from fossizilied limestone 200 million years ago; the First Nations tribes who, in 4500 BC, hunted bison along what we today call Bow River; the European settlers who founded modern Canmore in 1884; and its contemporary boom, after the 1988 Winter Olympics shone a spotlight on what was then a quiet 3,000-person town. Since then, people have begun flocking to Canmore, causing its population to more than triple and its tourist industry to flourish.  

Why Canmore Kananaskis?

As the legend goes, the name “Kananaskis” is derived from the name of a Cree warrior named “Kin-e-ah-kis” who became famous after getting slammed in the head with an axe—and surviving—in a fight to win a woman’s affection.

So it sounded to us like a pretty tough place. 

While tourists visit Canmore for all sorts of reasons—the exquisite cuisine, the crisp mountain air—Team Outpost was drawn to the rugged adventure. We’re hiking across the rocky Yamnuska Traverse, exploring four kilometres of prehistoric caves and chasing adventure by ski and snowboard. But make no mistake: at the end of the day, we’re relaxing in downtown’s hippest restaurants and finest brewery.  

The View

In Canmore Kananaskis, we’re not just searching for a spectacular view while tackling mountains—although the 2,232-metre-tall Yamnuska Traverse will certainly offer one. We’re also digging deep into Rat’s Nest Cave in Grotto Mountain to capture an inside look at geologic formations unseen anywhere else in the world. And each evening, we hope the clouds part to offer us a picturesque view of the three peaks—called Three Sisters—that define Canmore’s skyline. 

The Team

MEC Gear Spotlight

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Gear List

We’ll be skiing, caving and hiking through the Canmore Kananaskis region, which means we’ll need to be packing a lot of diverse gear. As always, since our most important demands are quality, durability and ease of use, we’re sticking with MEC as our supplier of choice.


Day Packs

Hiking Shoes

Hiking Boots

Hiking Socks

Snow Helmets

Snow Jackets



Ski Boots






Snow Sports First Aid

Climbing First Aid




Hand and Toe Warmers








Our Canmore Kananaskis Expedition Map

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