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Can I Hide in Your Suitcase?

(Leave your question for Brandon here!) Dear Savvy Traveller: Can I hide in your suitcase? -Sandy Tanner Dear Sandy, Congratulations! This is the question I am asked most often, and you’re about to beco...
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The Joy of Solo Travel? Meeting Your Most Intimate Self

(Leave your question for Brandon here!) Dear Savvy Traveller: I’m not in a relationship and my friends don’t want to travel as much as I do, but I’m afraid I’ll be bored if I go alone. Convince me. -Lillian...

Is there any way to travel with a newborn?

Dear Savvy Traveller: Please share tips and recommendations on traveling abroad with a 14-month-old. -Laura Dear Laura, Let me not pretend that I have, or have ever had, a 14-month-old child. But I have b...