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fall berlin wall

Humpy Dumpy Sat on That Wall, Too

As talk of new border walls ramps up, Outpost's editor-in-chief remembers being in Berlin in 1989, where she witnessed one of the seminal geopolitical events of the 20th century.
trump #MuslimBan

How Trump’s Travel Ban Affects Canadians

In spite of initial fears, Canadian permanent residents and dual citizens holding a passport from one of the seven banned Muslim-majority nations can still enter the United States. But the situation is confusing, volatile and worth keeping eyes on. 
top travel stories 2016

The Top Travel Stories of 2016

From Air Miles to Zika, these are the travel stories that defined 2016. If you missed any, here's your chance to play catch-up. 
air miles expiry lawsuit

Your Air Miles Aren’t Expiring Anymore

Air Miles recently announced they've recanted their expiration policy. But if you were among those who spent all your miles in a hurry, you're not alone—and the legal battle isn't necessarily over.