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Outpost magazine: SPRING 2020

Trekking in Tajikistan, running in the Alps, the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in the beloved travel TV host's beloved home state of New Jersey #DreamNowTraveLater

My Top 10 (Literary) Trips: Travel Inspired by Great Storytellers

The possibilities of literary travel are as endless as the library shelves. You can chase down significant sites in the life of your favourite author, soak up the landscape that shaped his or her imagination, or visit a 3D world of characters brought to life. ...

The Backpacker’s Booklist: One Traveller’s Picks

By Sue Bedford Backpacking involves significant limbo time—journeying on trains, buses and airplanes as well as idling in stations, depots and ports. In addition to gazing at passing landscapes or shuffling ...