This call closed May 31, 2017—thanks to everyone who pitched us! We got an overwhelming number of responses, and have announced the winners here. The full original details of our columnist call-out are below. 

Travel is in everything—seeing a new city, eating a new food, learning a new language, hiking a new landscape. If place is a character in your story, chances are you’re telling a travel story.

We are Canada’s best adventure-travel storytellers—and we’re looking to add a few dynamic voices to our growing roster of travel writers and experts.

You can live anywhere in the world, be of any nationality (not just Canadian!) or travel to any spot on the planet. But if you want to become Outpost’s new online columnist, you have to be able to write about it in a way that’ll knock our readers’ socks off.

So we’re looking for pitches on the kind of column you’d write if given the chance—tips, profiles, commentary, destination stories, whatever. Surprise us. Tell us what you love.

Maybe you’re a diehard foodie collecting recipes from around the world, or an artist exploring the latest trends in global architecture. Expertise is great, but curiosity is better.

And while having travel-writing experience is a start, what we really want is someone who’s excited to keep exploring the world—and writing about it—for years to come.


To clarify the terms: this is a paid freelance position for You’ll be writing columns—anywhere from 800 to 1,000 words, though more is fine if you can justify it—every two weeks for at least four months on pre-established deadlines.

After that, we can assess how things are going and maybe together decide whether we want to continue.

We’ll pay CAD$50 per article via PayPal. You’ll get a bio and headshot at, so people can fall in love with that winning smile.


Round one opens May 2, 2017. Just send an email to [email protected] with your concept pitch, a resume or bio, a brief introductory letter (keep it to one page) and your Twitter/Instagram handle, and do it before May 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Be bold, be brave (but don’t be stupid, mean or self-involved). Make your pitch distinct, compelling, funny, sharp, witty—you get the idea. Mostly, make it a good fit for Outpost.

We’re looking for creative, original voices—we are NOT interested in giving a platform to pre-existing blogs, though travel bloggers are welcome to apply. (We just need the content you produce to be original to Outpost, before and after we publish it.)

In your application, include one sample column already written (which we won’t publish without your permission; we just need to see what you’ve got in mind), as well as about six headlines or topics for potential future columns (so we can get a sense of where the column could go).

Thanks, and good luck!


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    I know this is a little late, but does Outpost do open calls semi-regularly? I.e., will there be another call for travel writers over the next year or two?



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    Is that 100$ a month?
    I get at least 200$ a month on minimum welfare in British Columbia.
    Becoming a freelance travel writer sounds like fun but appears to be
    tailored to someone who already makes money.

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      Michael Fraiman

      Hi Alley, you’re right—we are absolutely not advertising this as a full-time job.

      Rather, this is a good fit for a number of people: someone who’s travelling anyway and wants to make a bit of extra cash; someone who has travelled extensively and has lots to write about it in the aftermath; someone who travels and writes for various publications and wants some additional steady income for their work. Or, simply someone who’s currently blogging or keeping a diary while travelling and would rather get a bit of cash instead of writing for free.

      But, yeah, it’s not meant to be full-time employment—especially if you’re paying anywhere near Vancouver rent!


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