As we make our way into the final quarter to 2020 and continue to work to flatten the global-COVID curve, we’d like to thank all those who did their part (in particular, the incredible healthcare workers, worldwide!), and to express sincerest condolences to all who lost loved ones. Hopefully the world will heal, and a vaccine to permanently combat this dreadful disease will arrive.

At Outpost, we believe good travel is essential to human inter-connectedness and to a more peaceful world. As travel restrictions evolve or lessen and we reconsider how to travel, we asked a few top travel companies how the COVID pandemic has reshaped their operations, and where they stand now. Here’s Jenni Berg, National Business Development Executive for Contiki Holidays:

Question #1 | Are you (re)focussing or redirecting tours to specific destinations, geographic regions, or types of experience/travel due to COVID-19?

Jenni Berg/Contiki | While we are still softly promoting worldwide trips for travel next year, we have released 4 new Canadian trips FOR Canadians. [See details here: and check out this video for a taste of what’s on offer.]

#2 | What, if any, new health and safety protocols have you implemented for tours, in light of COVID-19?

Answer | Berg directed Outpost to the “Contiki well-being commitment,” which states in part: “We sought guidance from the World Health Organisation and government agencies, and, as members of the World Travel and Tourism Council, we’ve been involved in defining global protocols. Due to our diligent work during this time, we’ve been awarded the WTTC safe travels stamp – meaning we’re a business which has adopted global, standardized health and hygiene protocols. Read on to learn a little more about how we’re prioritizing your well-being when you travel with us.”

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#3 | Does your protocol include a new plan for consumers who get sick when travelling with you? What aid can consumers expect if they become ill?

JB/Contiki | Our Trip Managers will have been trained and have detailed protocols to follow in this event. Read more about these protocols in the link above [question#2].

#4 | Are you offering any (great) travel deals (discounts, special offers, deals to iconic destinations) to consumers at present, or planning on doing so in future?

Contiki | Berg sent a rundown of current Contiki deals to Outpost; check in regularly with Contiki here for new ones.



Valid from

Valid to 

Discount Range

Latin Early Booking Deal 1-Aug-20 30-Sep-20 10% to 20%
Australia Early Booking Deal 15-Apr-20 30-Sep-20 20%
Asia Early Booking Deal 15-Apr-20 30-Sep-20 20%
Worldwide Sale 1-Apr-20 30-Sep-20 5% to 20%
Domestic New Release Deal 27-Jul-20 30-Oct-20 15%
Europe 2021 Launch Deal 10-Jul-20 17-Dec-20 15% to 25%
Africa Early Booking Deal 2-Jun-20 31-Dec-20 10% to 15%

#5 | As the COVID-19 situation is still (somewhat) unpredictable, what do you say to consumers who are “doing their research now” for future travel, but unsure if it’s smart to buy at the present time?

JB/Contiki | Extra flexible booking policies can be found [on our website] here: [See “Book future trips with confidence.”]

#6 | What would be, if any, the advantage a consumer would have to book a trip now?

JB/Contiki | Save with the highest discounts available, with no obligation to travel, as we have very flexible change policies. ***

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