A place where pure white sand exists in abundance, where the water is truly so blue you can see through it, where local culture is so uniquely preserved that locals are genuinely happy to show it to you. With world-class snorkelling, diving and swimming, the Cook Islands are unlike anywhere else in the world—a virtually untouched paradise in the Pacific.

Ready to go? Here’s your chance.

Outpost is giving away a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Cook Islands. You’ll get round-trip flights, a taste of the islands’ unique Polynesian cuisine, the chance to indulge in island water sports, and a glimpse of a true paradise.

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Freshly Caught

If you want fresh fish, you’ve got to get it from the local fishermen. Get your food from the ocean to your plate in mere hours, and you’ll understand the difference between farmed seafood and the real thing. Paired with organic vegetables grown in rich volcanic soil, there’s hardly a healthier, tastier way to chow down in the Pacific.

Uniquely Dazzling

The Cook Islands’ distinct culture flows far beyond its dances, buildings and history. It’s celebrated in everyday life. Frequent cultural shows will showcase groups of fire-dancers and rhythmic wooden drums, while locals indulge in musical performances and local cuisine daily. Here you can discover unique crafts such as the islands’ colourful quilts (Tivaevae, they’re called), try out a handmade ukulele or learn the language from friendly islanders.

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  1. Dave Sands

    I have enjoyed your magazine Outpost and the excellent articles and the aerial photo of Cook Islands is spectacular…..Why would anyone not want to go?? I have traveled in various parts of the world and it always amazes me the wonderful experience it has been meeting peoples of different cultures and customs. It always has been a wonderful experience. I have never been to the Cook Islands and can only imagine how wonderful it would be to meet the people, enjoy the food and Island itself

    • Rene

      Get there before it is discovered and still has it’s fantastic sights and people.

  2. Travis

    “Kia Orana”. We went to “The Cooks” in 2000 and swore we were going to come back!! Well we did in 2012 with our 8 yr old daughter, what another wonderful, exciting experience we had. Our daughter loved it!!!
    It’s our go too place when we can!!! We would love to go again and see Pa, he’s a elder that gives tours up to the needle, an amazing individual!!!

  3. Kathleen Brookfield

    The best vacation I have ever had was in the Cook Islands in 2000. I would go back in a shot and recommend to anyone for relaxation on the pristine beaches, exercise swimming, snorkeling or cycling round the island, eating exotic food. Plus guided tours giving history of islanders.

  4. Kat. Sainthill

    So much history; so much beauty. Traveling there would be like visiting paradise on Earth

  5. Debbie Fedorak

    I would love to have a holiday in the Cook Islands it looks so beautiful.

  6. Kerry

    This is paradise – I loved it and always hoped to go again. When asked about my favorite destinations (I like to travel) the Cooks is always on the top of my list.


    Seeing the word Polynesian just brought me back to when i was 10 and had to do a project on this beautiful place!
    Thanks for the memory!
    It’s so beautiful, it’s like the best dream ever 🙂

  8. Lynn Anderson

    My sister has been there 5 times now.
    She tells me continuously how gorgeous that it is and that I have to make it a priority.
    Winning this would obviously make it all possible.

  9. David Karkut

    Went for our honeymoon and never seen any place better since then. Still craving the breakfast of papaya with coconut sprinkles/lime juice with scrambled eggs/toast and Aitutaki coffee we had at the plantation cafe. And the lagoon snorkelling… Wish we could go again!

  10. Bonnie Humphrey

    I recently bought a spinner suitcase (not yet used)…I’ll have it packed to go!!!

  11. deb Kellner

    Oh what a place to get ‘lost’.

    Oh what a place to find yourself….

    What’s not to love…….


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