There’s something to be said for leaning into things — like don’t hide from the cold, embrace it with bravado. This planet’s spectacular spaces beg for your attention, and this trip from UnCruise Adventures offers a perfect opportunity for just that: a 7-day Alaskan cruise that launches from Juneau and sets sail into Pacific channels and breathtaking pockets of scenic Alaskan wilderness that rival any spot on earth!

Heading out from the ship for some incredible whale watching!

You begin by exploring Icy Strait and Cross Sound, where you can board a skiff for closer inspection of forested shorelines and may spot seals and sea lions lounging on rocky outcroppings. Wilderness trekking and paddling alongside highly-experienced guides are also options.

On Day 3, you cruise into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, where you’ll spend the next few days exploring one of America’s most expansive parks at almost 3.3 million acres! UnCruise promises to take you into “the furthest” corners of the park to explore “parts that 99 percent of visitors never go to.”

The trip offers this opportunity to kayak in calm Alaskan waters.

Adventure options include: exploring Taylor Bay; Dundas Bay for wildlife viewing (bears, humpback whales, wolves); hiking the field glaciers of Fairweather Mountain Range; kayaking and trekking into old-growth forest; Tidal Inlet to spot bears, wolves, mountain goats or eagles; Tongass National Forest; and birding at South Marble Island. A national park ranger joins the cruise for a day to offer unique and firsthand knowledge of the park.

A chance to see sea lions that hang out on the rocky outcroppings.

This incredible adventure wraps up in Haines, Alaska, where you can explore surrounding snow-capped mountains on bike, on the trail, or by raft. Overall, just a fantastic way to explore a part of coastal Alaska!

Taking in the spectacular Alaskan landscapes from the deck of your ship.

Booking Info

UnCruise Adventures

  • Phone: 888.862.8881
  • Length/Departs: 7 days/May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., with multiple depart options
  • Accommodation: Small ship
  • Starting Price: from $2,995 US
  • Difficulty: Easy

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