by Brennan Hehn
Outpost: India

SPECTACULAR INDIA! From the High Himalayas to the shimmering sands of Rajasthan, tropical coastline to extensive forest, Goa to Delhi to Varanasi and Mumbai—so geographically diverse and culturally rich is India it can take a lifetime to see it all. Here’s our “Destination India” showcase 

Illustration by Jodi Sandler for Outpost

In Photos: Mahabs, India’s UNESCO-Protected Surfing Mecca

Mahabalipuram was once a seaside powerhouse of the Pallava Dynasty, filled with spiritual temples and industrial buzz. Now it’s at the centre of India’s latest surfing craze.

Ask Many a Traveller: India by Train is the Only Way to Go!

India’s legendary railway system is not only one of the most spectacular in the world, it’s also one of the largest—criss-crossing the country with more than 120,000 kilometres of track, letting you get to just about anyplace you want to go!

Adventure India: Wildlife, Wilderness & Whitewater!

From skiing in the Himalayas to whitewater rafting, camel treks and desert camping, India has every possible adventure thrill!

Passage to Pashmina: Nobody captures India’s Himalayan plateaus like Jeff Fuchs

For centuries, the rich fleece grown by Himalayan mountain sheep was harvested for wear in the world’s cultured capitals. How did it get there? Join our editor-at-large as he sets across the vast plateaus of northern India to explore the ancient trading routes of pashmina wool.

My Private India: Life Lessons on the Subcontinent, by Mariellen Ward

How could a country known for its crowds, chaos and culture shock—and one typically thought the most daunting for female solo travellers—help and heal a wounded spirit?

Ghosts of the Raj, by M G Vassanji

A Giller Prize and Governor General’s award-winning author tells of his love of and fascination with India, a place he almost calls home.

Indian Cuisine: Curries, Chutneys and Chapatis-Oh My!

The food in India is one of the best reasons to go there. From street food to home-cooked to restaurant-served, it simply does not get any better!

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Thrissur

Pounding waterfalls, spicy street food and the biggest after-harvest festival in India. Here’s where to eat, what to do and how to get around in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, India.

Trip of the Week: Leopard India Safari, Rajasthan

A fantastic safari opportunity to see the elusive leopard in Rajasthan, India.

Goa isn’t the Party Town You Think it is

The Indian state of Goa is synonymous with sex, drugs, beaches and parties. It’s time to break that stereotype.

An Inside Look at India’s Famous Camel Fair

One of India’s most sacred of towns is home to a festival of camel races, folk dances, quirky competitions and more.

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