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After Hurricane Irma trampled the Caribbean and southern United States, many asked how they could help. But it’s been a few days since the worst has struck, and as the weekend approaches, the collective memory of the damage will start to fade. But there are still ways you can help. While some are inclined to donate food and clothes, the reality, according to several charity organizations, is that money is simply easier—the transportation costs of shipping all those donations are too high. The good news is, if you’re looking for a relief fund, there are options.

GlobalGiving isn’t yet halfway toward their $2 million goal to help recovery and support funds, while GoFundMe has set up a page specifically to showcase Irma-specific charities. If you’d prefer, UNICEF has a comprehensive analysis of the damage being done and how charities are helping.

Lastly, while this isn’t a charity, if you’re travelling to the affected regions anytime soon, Travelweek has a great list of what hotels and tour operators are opening back up after the hurricane, broken down by country and island.

In slightly happier news—because why end the week on a downer?—the once-endangered Himalayan snow leopard is no longer endangered! Local news is reporting that, while the species is still very much at risk in the wild, a three-year assessment has shown that there are more than 2,500 mature snow leopards now—a number that’s not declining at a rapid pace. Those two factors determine whether the feline stays on the list. So what changed? Local governments have increased the number of protected areas around the leopards, and empowered communities to ward off poachers. Between those dangers and the Himalayan region’s susceptibility to climate change, this is happening not a moment too soon.

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