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From Mulberry Jam’in to Elephant Watching, Temple Tackling to Mindful Meditating, to Cook’in It, Hike’n It and Beaching It, Outpost experienced it all! Enjoy the view.

We’ve travelled the world, enjoying all its peoples, cultures, geographies and wild spaces, and now as the world starts to welcome travellers back, here are a few of our Thailand adventures for your inspiration!  

It’s a Monk’s Life: Buddhism, Meditation, and the Wat Suan Dok Temple

“If you have time for yourself, you have time for others.” Exploring the Buddhist and temple culture of Chiang Mai.


Mulberry Magic: Life on a Den Chai Farm, Where We Eat Some Jam and Bread

What’s it like to live on a mulberry farm in Thailand? Stunningly beautiful, spectacularly serene.


How to Get the Party Started in a Chiang Mai Kitchen!

From roadside treats to spectacular curries and pastries, here’s to Thailand’s spectacular culinary scene!


Welcome to Local Lampang: at Dreamer’s Cafe and Yellowhand Workshop

In the city of Lampang, a chance meeting leads Team Outpost on a day’s exploration of its cool, hipster culture.


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