NEPAL: Mustang and the Kingdom of LoIn a remote and rarely-visited region in northern Nepal lies the ancient and mysterious land of the Lo and snow leopard, home to tightly held Tibetan traditions, striated by old Silk Road trade routes and shimmering swaths of Himalayan landscape. By Jeff Fuchs

THE HIMALAYAS. In The Light And On The Trail. Last year, Jill Wheatley wrote in Outpost that a baseball to the head left her almost blind but refusing to be scared as she took to the world’s trails to regain her confidence. Now three years into her mostly-solo journey, we check in on her self-defined mission to conquer the mountains in her mind.

NORWAY: On The Cusp In The Fleinvaer ArchipelagoRemote and isolated, windswept, wild and endlessly open. Think Arctic Norway is an odd destination for an overworked urbanist on the edge of anxiety? Actually, it couldn’t have been more perfect. By Anna Maxymiw

EUROPE. Adrift On The Continent In BulgariaPlovdiv is the oldest continuously-inhabited city in Europe and second-largest in a country shaped by continental empiresSpectacular history, and you can’t beat the meshana skara either! By Ryan Murdock

SCANDINAVIA. Lines on a Map: Unparalleled Adventures in Modern Exploration. For more than two decades, adventurer Frank Wolf has trekked, kayaked, canoed and cycled around the world. In this excerpt from his book, he follows an old inland Viking route for 800 kilometres across the wilds of Scandinavia and lives to write the tale.

Excess Baggage: Whereby our super-senior correspondent recalls how the whiffs and wafts of a destination create metamorphic travel memories. By Simon Vaughan

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