Courchsuring across Europe: 55 Days, 27 Destinations, 10 Essential Life Lessons—how Brandon Schultz got his groove back! In Istanbul and Sweden, Alison Spencer learns the art of public nudity. In East Africa, Alicia Erickson heads up Mount Bisoke, and in Japan, Gilad Fiskus visits the sumo wrestling stables. PLUS: from bohemian to Bowie in BERLIN—Ryan Murdock in the world capital of cool, and rethinking history at the Larco in Lima, Peru.

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  1. Resha

    Alison Spencer’s story in Winter 2019 edition. She described the hesitancy of a North American woman to undress for these traditional public bathing locations exactly as I experienced them. At my first hammam, which was in Germany, I was wearing a bathrobe in the sauna room. A kind woman asked me if I was sick. I will never forget how it was to be the only westerner at a neighbourhood bathhouse in Osaka, Japan. I was naked, and stared at … but it was a wonderful cultural experience.


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