Our spectacular new issue, Spring 2018, is on newsstands now! From the Horn of Africa to the cliffs of Wales, here’s our latest in jaw-dropping adventure stories from around the world. Here’s a sneak peek at our editorial line-up:

Look inside!
  • American expat Rachel Pieh Jones describes how a stint abroad turned into a life-altering, 15-year family odyssey in one of the smallest countries on the planet: Djibouti, Africa.
  • Lifelong expeditioner Bill Roberts finds out firsthand what it’s like to trek the history-pocked, stunningly-wild coastal cliffs of Wales.
  • On the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, Ryan Murdock listens to the whispers of ghosts as they mingle with laughter and the wind.
  • On the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, photojournalist Vytautas Jankulskas covers a cow race like no other, the incredible Pacu Jawi.

PLUS: It’s the A to Z of Travel (Part 1), nature at its most stunning with photographer Peter Baumgarten, the joys of asterisk-free travel, and our new Savvy Traveller.

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