As you are likely aware, tour operators and travel companies around the world are hunkering down—like all of us!—during the COVID-19 global pandemic, following public health protocols and government directives for their operations.

As such, we will not be adding more trips to the Outpost Travel Center for the time being, but hope to be able to do so again soon—mostly because it will have meant the collective actions we’ve taken around the globe would have “flattened the curve,“ halted the spread, and saved lives.

For information, updates and/or guidelines on travel plans you had/have with a tour operator, please check their website directly—most address the COVID-19 situation, offer some specifics on how they’re planning for future operation, and have info on how you can get in touch.

As to the trips already on the Outpost Travel Center—well, you can still read, research, imagine, hope and dream about travelling, and that spectacular trip-of-a-lifetime yet to come.

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