nunavut baffin island

Adventure Nunavut: Blasting Across Baffin Island

Shaped by generations of an Arctic-dwelling people, land of tundra and mountain and river, rich with art and an ancient culture, home to the planet's most amazing polar wildlife, Nunavut is adventure-central.
top travel stories 2016

The Top Travel Stories of 2016

From Air Miles to Zika, these are the travel stories that defined 2016. If you missed any, here's your chance to play catch-up. 

Canada Customs Restrictions

When my bag emerged from the X-ray machine entering New Zealand, the Customs Service agent grabbed it, hauled it to an inspection table and instructed...

Space: The Finest Frontier

When not aspiring to be a zookeeper or an architect when I grew up, for a while I yearned to be an astronaut. Having always had an interest in avia...