Reason#2: There is no such thing as “over-tourism” in the Cook Islands.

In more recent years, the world’s most visited sites have begun to shed light on a troubling problem dubbed, “over-tourism.” Over-tourism exists when a site or destination can no longer safely accommodate the number of visitors being received. (This can ultimately lead to negative effects on local eco-systems in ways that are simply unsustainable.)

We have good news: The Cook Islands may go so far as to say we experience, and enjoy, under-tourism! Our islands are wonderfully pristine, and are oceans and lagoons are protected by law. Our beaches sometimes stretch for miles without a single footprint and afford visitors the opportunity to truly unplug and enjoy their surroundings, as they escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Nothing feels crowded or busy in the Cook Islands – there’s a happy, slow pace to life. No long waits at restaurants or standing in line for excursions; just happy chit chat with the friendly locals about their day as you make your way through the islands, on your own time schedule. The freedom and flexibility to do as much or as little as you like, whenever you like, is truly unique to our destination. We want you to feel at home in the Cook Islands.

Our accommodation options are also plentiful and uniquely tailored to every type of visitor. What we lack in the mega-resorts of the past, we make up for in bespoke, boutique beachfront hotels, beautiful crafted luxury villas, thoughtfully designed holiday homes, and everything in between. There is no need for all-inclusivism, since Rarotonga is like one big resort in and of itself! It’s so easy to get out and explore – by car, bike, scooter, local bus, or simply on foot.

For a nation that does not suffer from mass over-tourism, it’s almost as if visitors have the islands to themselves – and this is exactly the way the Cook Islands likes it!

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