Last year, we held our inaugural column contest—an international callout to anyone who wanted to join us in writing eye-opening, thought-provoking travel stories. We’d planned on hiring just one writer, but the turnout was so overwhelming, we hired three.

Each column was terrific, touching on topical, cultural issues around the world. Cam Fenton’s A New Kind of Bucket List examined our planet’s growing list of “endangered spaces”; Carla Bragagnini’s The Embedded Traveller saw her getting hands-on with traditions around the world; Brandon Schultz’s Lemonade recalled his series of unfortunate travel events, and how he transformed them into lifelong memories.

The contest was so successful, we decided to run it again. This time, we’re not looking for any particular number of writers—we’re just looking for the most enthusiastic, dedicated travel writers who want to share their passion with the world.

What’s the gig?

We’re looking for freelancer travel columnists to publish on There may also be opportunities to write for the print magazine. The typical word count for an online column is roughly 800 to 1,000 words, delivered every two weeks for at least four months on pre-established deadlines—that’s eight articles in total, at minimum. We’ll pay CAD$50 per article via PayPal, and promote you with a headshot and bio as part of the Outpost team.

Here’s how you enter:

Send an email to [email protected] with your concept pitch, a resume or bio, a brief introductory letter (keep it to one page, please) and your Twitter/Instagram handle.

The deadline will be midnight on February 25, 2018.

What are we looking for? We want writers who are bold, brave and curious. Ideally you’re currently travelling or living abroad, but writing about past experiences is absolutely fine as well. Make your pitch distinct, compelling, funny and sharp—but mostly, make it a good fit for Outpost.

We’re looking for creative, original voices. We won’t publish pre-existing blog posts, though travel bloggers are welcome to apply. (We just need the content you produce for us to be original to Outpost, before and after we publish it.)

In your application, include one sample column already written (which we won’t publish without your permission; we just need to see what you’ve got in mind), as well as about six headlines or topics for potential future columns, so we can get a sense of where the column could go.

Thanks, and good luck!

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