Library of Alexandria, Egypt

Egypt: Where It All Began

Today, with the reconstruction of its ancient library, the city of Alexandria represents the firmly planted roots of what we—the West—have become. Its history has come full circle once more. Those are the forces that built the High Dam at Aswan, and those are the forces that are now struggling to take over modern Egypt even as its consciousness clings so deeply to the mysteries of its past.
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The Desert Nomads Gather

Once a year, deep in the Sahara, nomads gather to celebrate life, love and ​an almost forgotten way of life.

The Outpost Guide to Travel in Egypt

When To Go to Egypt Because Egypt is a desert and a big tourist destination, visitors can generally face either sweltering heat of elbowing with other tourists. Summers are hot and the winters are mild, with a...

The Outpost Guide to Travel in Namibia

When To Go Namibia is a year-round destination, but its climate varies depending on which topographical region you visit: the western Namib Desert, the Central Plateau, the Kalahari region in the east, or the ...