kyrgyzstan walnut forest

In This Kyrgyzstan Forest, Walnuts are a Way of Life

Every fall, the residents of Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan, abandon their homes, set up tents in the forest and collect nuts for a month. Their haul is more than just a currency—it’s a traditional lifestyle that might not be around much longer.
ladakh himalaya travel story

Passage to Pashmina: Jeff Fuchs Delves into Ladakh, India

For centuries, the rich fleece grown by Himalayan mountain sheep was harvested for wear in the world’s cultured capitals. How did it get there? Join Jeff Fuchs, Outpost’s Asia editor-at-large, as he sets out across the vast plateaus of remote northern India to explore the ancient trading routes of pashmina wool

How Thailand Changed My Life

Some trips are ruined by delayed travel plans, pushed boundaries and rescheduled flights. On other trips, they're the ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter.
songkran chiang mai story

A Songkran Survival Tale

Thailand’s three-day water fight is great fun—if you enjoy the feeling of being dunked in a swimming pool with your clothes on while children mercilessly laugh at you.