Ha Long Bay, Vietnam _cat7397-Pixabay

Vietnam By Bike: Special Price on Offer Now

As you might know, exploring Vietnam by bike is one of the one of the best ways to see a country known worldwide for its two-wheeled culture. On this 14-day, mostly-cycling adventure, World Expeditions will ste...

Okinawa: Japan’s Mad, Mad Salad!

For centuries Okinawa was the centre of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Now, it’s an oasis in the East China Sea where people live longer than almost anyplace on Earth!
kyrgyzstan walnut forest

In This Kyrgyzstan Forest, Walnuts are a Way of Life

Every fall, the residents of Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan, abandon their homes, set up tents in the forest and collect nuts for a month. Their haul is more than just a currency—it’s a traditional lifestyle that might not be around much longer.