djibouti beach travel story

Christmas in the Devil’s Lair

Djibouti is not your typical family holiday vacation. Instead of snow, Santa and caroling, there’s thick salt, unbearable heat and misdirection into the darkest night.
christmas arequipa peru

An Explosive Christmas in Peru

One of the first things we noticed after moving to Arequipa were repeated explosions off in the distance, every day, often multiple times a day, from the afternoon well into the evening. I once asked an expa...
expat christmas lonely

How to Get Through Christmas Far From Home

Christmas can be a lonely time for the expat abroad—especially if they're living where people don't celebrate the holiday at all.  The trade-off to relocating more than a short domestic flight away is that you...

How to Give for the Traveller: Your Ultimate Travel Gift Guide

I understand that in general giving the gift of travel is not always easy. First there’s the cost. Most travel’s not cheap. Even a weekend in a hotel can be pricey, never mind spanning the world or exploring a continent or two. But if you can afford it—you know, for those once-in-a-lifetime-gift occasions—and you really want to give a mind-blowing present, there are ways to make it happen.