medieval prague castle tour

A Walk Through Medieval Prague

From the magnificent architecture and romantic atmosphere to the vibrant nightlife and excellent local beer, there are countless reasons to visit Prague. No wonder that, since the fall of the iron curtain, the ...
things to do brno

What to See in Brno, Czech Republic

Before going there, I knew Brno only for hosting the MotoGP Grand Prix. If you are not into motor sports, you probably haven’t heard of it. Yet while planning my trip through Central Europe, looking on the map...
Prague Czechia

Attention, Everyone: The Czech Republic No Longer Exists

With palaces and castles, bridges and beer, for years the Czech Republic has ranked among Europe’s most popular destinations. But if you've been itching to visit the Central European nation, you're too late—it doesn't exist anymore.

The Outpost Guide to Travel in Prague

When To Go Choosing a time to visit Prague can vary greatly depending on the kind of experience you are looking for. Summer is beautiful, and the city is alive with festivals. It’s also crowded (which is eithe...