Running a Family Pilgrimage to the French Pyrenees

He’s tackled the Tour du Mont Blanc, Whistler’s Coast Mountains and the hills of Lake Titicaca. Now, in what may be his most important run ever, Outpost contributor Robert Brodey heads to southwest France to reconnect with family roots.
1960s French Pyrenees vacation photo

Recording Family History in the French Pyrenees

Robert Brodey's family has been spending summers in the French Pyrenees since the 1960s. After running his first race there, he reflects on nearly five full decades of changes: in the region, in his family and in their stories.

Paris Under Fire: Witnessing Terrorism Strike the City

The Metro was closed, streets blockaded and most taxis not in service. Multiple fatal attacks had taken place across Paris, dozens of people were announced dead, hostages were being held—and the attacks were not over.