namibia self-drive safari

Self-Drive Safari: Venturing Across the Namibian Desert

In southwestern Africa sits a country with some of the continent's best treasures—desert, savannah, coastline and big game. Join a Canadian couple as they road trip across Namibia, where the land is golden and the skies starry.

How to Plan for Travel When Time is of the Essence!

North Americans are renowned for having some of the shortage vacation allowances in the world. Whereas Europeans regularly enjoy 3-4 weeks of vacation as soon as they start a new job, all too often we can expec...
Berlin christmas markets #2b_Tomoko Goto

The Christmas Markets of Berlin are a Sight to Behold

The German tradition of the Christmas market helps those of us who live in Berlin to endure the first half of winter. When long summer days of parks and lakes are upon us, it’s easy to forget that our city is o...

Okinawa: Japan’s Mad, Mad Salad!

For centuries Okinawa was the centre of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Now, it’s an oasis in the East China Sea where people live longer than almost anyplace on Earth!