OUTPOST magazine: FALL 2018!

Almost Blind, But NOT Running Scared: When a catastrophic injury leaves Canadian expat Jill Wheatley almost blind—and almost on her own in a foreign country—she takes to the trails and the mountains to regain her life. PLUS+ IN THE LAND OF AYNI: Jeff Fuchs explores the Great Inca Road Network of Andean Peru, where it's cooperate or perish. And brothers Jeff and Scott Wilson (producers of the travel shows Departures and Descending) hit the red desert highways of JORDAN in the road of a lifetime!
Trip of the Week www.outpostmagazine.com Iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland & Labrador East Coast Trail Trekking

Trip Showcase: Trekking the East Coast Trail of Canada

I’d have to say, there are few countries on this magnificent little planet that offer the topographical and cultural diversity of Canada. From Arctic wilds to Pacific forests, the Rocky Mountains to Atlantic Co...
Peter Baumgarten Olympus landscape nature photographer

Peter Baumgarten, Landscape and Nature Photographer

If the night skies are clear, there’s a good chance Canadian nature photographer and Olympus Visionary Peter Baumgarten can be found in a quiet corner capturing images of the breathtaking celestial display. ...
Paul Morison Olympus Adventure Photographer

Paul Morrison, Adventure Photographer

Simcoe County and Burlington, Ontario are not exactly renowned for their downhill skiing. In fact, the closest slopes in Simcoe have a top elevation of barely 400 metres—yet somehow, one of Canada’s greatest sk...
Jay Dickman Olympus Photographer

Jay Dickman: Photojournalist, Pultzer-Prize Winner

From U.S. presidents to Antarctic penguins, war zones to wonders of the world, Super Bowls to rock ‘n’ roll superstars. The portfolio of National Geographic photographer and Olympus Visionary Jay Dickman is a w...