travel qualified resume

6 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Resume

Worried about that yearlong gap in your resume? Travel experience can actually be a valuable asset in the working world—if you know how to sell it.
Travel With Pets

How to Travel with Your Pet

Immunizations, certificates, safety, airline rules, allergies, rabies—if you’re planning to bring a pet on your next flight, there’s a heck of a lot you need to know.
Pokemon Go Travel

3 Ways Pokémon Go Could Change the Way We Travel

The first week Pokémon Go was available, I asked some friends on Facebook whether the game might affect their travel habits. One replied candidly: her boyfriend is more pumped about their upcoming trip to Irela...
expat life

Seen Them, Been Them: The 11 Types of Expat

People move abroad for many different reasons. But if you tally them up, you’ll find they generally fall into pretty distinctive categories. The same is true for the way they react to their host culture. Some l...