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Living Abroad as a Couple

Feeling stifled in your relationship? You might think moving abroad will help let some air in while you rediscover yourselves and the world. Problem is, that's a fairy tale.
A traditional Japanese ryokan.

4 Tips for Urban Exploration

You've just landed in a new city. How do you escape the tourist traps and experience the real thing? (more…)...
Simon in Jordan

Why We Shouldn’t Stay Home

As terror attacks against tourists hit the news more and more, travellers may ask themselves: Has the time come to just stay at home?

When the Tourist Trail Meets the Campaign Trail

You can sit at home and watch history being made, hit the road and live it, or reach out and be a part of it. Yes, it's the weird world of political travel. Within the nebulous world of travel there are coun...

The Expat Life: Why Do You Want to Live Abroad?

Making a new life on foreign shores is the dream of many. But what happens when you try to make the dream a reality? It seems glamorous, but it can be very hard work. A lot of folks talk about running away to ...

Six Tips for Surviving Hostel Life

“What does a hostel dorm room look like?” my mother asked me over lunch one day. Gesturing with my turkey sandwich, I described a poorly ventilated room with water spots blooming like Rorschach tests on the ...

Studying Spanish Lake Atitlán

There are certain talents all backpackers inevitably acquire on the road. How to hike a volcano in your flip flops because you lost your running shoes, for example, or how to find the @ symbol on a keyboard set...