Tokyo is a city of spectacular contrasts, where ancient meets ultramodern and the cool factor is off the charts. Why it’s one of the world’s great destinations.

Time-Travel Old Tokyo in Shibmata

There are hidden districts in Tokyo that make you feel like you’re stepping into an Edo-period film. Shibamata, where beloved (but fictional) son Tora-san was born, is one of them. Spend a Day in Asia’s Most Exciting Art Capital From the famed woodblock prints of Hokusai to the incredible lacquer-ware the Japanese are known for, Tokyo’s art scene is not to missed. Forests and Ancient Shrines on Tokyo’s Western Fringes If anything is the essence of Japan it’s the mix of hypermodern cityscape with a deep reverence for nature.  Ancient Rivers and High-Tech Islands Catch a glimpse of ancient, water-borne Edo by exploring buzzing Tokyo Bay by river bus Tropical Islands are Tokyo’s Best-Kept Travel Secret A thousand miles from metro Tokyo are two spectacular island chains easily accessible by modern ferry. The World’s Most Exciting Urban Experiment Forward-thinking city councils, a fascination with innovation and architects, architects with a semi-blank slate: just a few reasons Tokyo dazzles. Who is Tokyo’s Most Interesting Bartender? Tradition and modern funk describe Tokyo’s cocktail scene, where drinks can be made with laser precision. Eat Like a Local to Get the Best of Tokyo Tokyo is one of the world’s great culinary destinations, but travellers need to go beyond the obvious to really taste its spark.

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