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Outpost wants all travellers to safely GoReadyToGo. We’ve created this space, a new modern traveller health and safety stop — health articles, travel clinics near you, Canadian Red Cross Certified first-aid trainers, WTTC Safe Travels designated trip operators, travel updates, and more — all to get you ready to GoReadyToGo! 

COVID-Vaccine Travel Update: In October, the mandatory vaccine requirements for travel are ending.

In Canada, mandatory COVID vaccination and quarantining for travel are ending. But we still urge caution when heading out to the wider world.


Could You Save a Life? | Why CPR and First-aid Training is Just Good Travel Planning

It’s about saving a life, yes — but also about knowing you did everything you could.


How to Avoid a Denied Travel Insurance Claim | by TuGo Travel Insurance

TuGo shares strategies to help you avoid a denied travel insurance claim, especially when it comes to medical or health services.


Monkeypox: What is it, and How at Risk are You, especially as a Traveller?

It’s frightening to think that another contagious disease—one that can make you pretty sick, with weeks of recovery—is making its way around the world. Here’s what you should know.


Travel Health Insurance in the Not-Quite, Maybe-Never, Post-Pandemic World

There’s never been a better time to review travel health insurance: what it should cover, and if and how COVID has changed it.


Travel Just Got Easier: Pre-Arrival COVID Test No Longer Needed for Vaccinated Travellers

Good news for travellers: as of April 1, 2022, you’ll no longer need a pre-arrival COVID test if you’re fully vaccinated. 

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The SafeTravels Stamp by the WTTC | Setting New Global Standards

It’s paramount to have common rules for the tourism industry, says the World Travel & Tourism Council, which is why it’s created the SafeTravels Stamp. 


Where Do We Start? Rethinking Travel, and Why

It’s hard to remember travel before the pandemic, or why it’s so beneficial to people in light of COVID. But it is, and can be better than before. 


Whether in the Wild or Abroad, How To (and Why You Should!) Avoid Getting Rabies

Yes, it’s true — there are several countries (and regions within countries) where rabies is endemic and you’re at risk. Here’s what you need to know about protecting yourself from one of the world’s deadliest viruses.

mass COVID testing in Slovakia

Healthcare Heroes: How Hope Happens

Why being a good global citizen has never been so vital and “just hang in there!” is a real thing you can do to help. 


Note: This travel-health information is intended as a guideline only. Always get individual medical advice or information from a qualified source before travelling.

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