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Sliced by the world’s longest mountain range, lying in its greatest rainforest, bordered by a balmy shoreline and capped by Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the world’s best destinations!

Travel Peru | Trekking off the Beaten Trails!

Peru has countless kilometres of ancient and modern trails criss-crossing its spectacular landscape, from multiday treks in the Andes to one-day hikes in the Amazon. Here’s a few lesser-known trails to get you planning.

Peru is a Bedrock of Hot Springs and Thermal Baths

By some estimates there are up to 400 thermal sources in Peru — which means, hot springs and thermal baths are peppered across the country. Here’s a rough guide to get you started.

Running in Peru | From Oceanic Wrap-arounds to High-Altitude Trails

Whether sea-level pavement runs or high-altitude grinding climbs, there are so many running options in Peru that it really comes down to just picking a spot!

Sampling Peru’s Canon of Modern Lit | 5 Great Books to Get You Started

Not in the least a complete Peruvian-lit list, but here are 5 great books by Peruvian authors to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Crazy Buzzing Capital — Is There Any Other Way to Describe Modern Lima?

Pre-Columbian and Spanish-colonial history, adventure sports and ocean-view footpaths, a buzzing, funky street life! All that and more in Peru’s modern capital.

In Between Instagram | How to Get Around Peru

Peru has beaches, mountains, rainforest, cloud-forests, ancient sites and modern cities. But if you want to brag about seeing all its spots, you have to get there first. And therein lies the fun! Here’s a quick guide to getting around.

The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu | Spectacular Andean Peru!

Though the destination is indeed spectacular, how you get to Machu Picchu is definitely half the fun!

Jeff Fuchs, an Inca Rope Bridge and the Community of  Q’eswachaka

In Peru, explorer Jeff Fuchs led Team Outpost across spectacular Andean highlands in search of Inca history, guided by “ayni,” the Quechua spirit of reciprocity. 

(Just) A Few Tasty and Trendy Veggie Kitchens in Peru

With Peru’s variety of climates, you can fuel up on countless types of fruits, vegetables, and grains — here’s just a tiny taste of its veggie-vendor scene to get you thinking!

Peruvian Cuisine is a Lesson in History and Geography 

From multicultural influences to ancient traditions and modern adaptations: Peru’s cuisine is spectacular!

 72 Hours in Cusco | Acclimatizing in Inca Territory at 4,000 Meters

Are three days in Cusco, Peru, enough? Of course! The ancient Inca capital of cobbled streets and plazas is a cultural thrill all its own!  

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