This is a great opportunity to explore one of Africa’s smallest countries—as well as support a locally owned and ethically managed tour operator. Though best known as the place to see wild mountain gorillas, this tour ventures well off Rwanda’s customary path for an unusually in-depth experience.

You will visit Akagera National Park to spy giraffes, hippos, buffalo and antelope, as well as the Nyungwe Forest, where you’ll trek for chimpanzees amid a fantastic wilderness teeming with orchids and birdlife. You’ll also tour the capital city of Kigali and visit Rwandans as they continue to strive forward after the tragedy of the 1994 genocide.

And you’ll spend at least a day trekking Rwanda’s thick rainforest in hopes of viewing those legendary animals of the Virunga Mountains: the gorilla!

Trip Overview

Days 1-2: Arrive in Kigali and visit the city’s renowned Genocide Museum and crafts village, as well as touring the city’s lesser-seen destinations and exploring its history.

Days 3-4: Ride to Akagera National Park to see a wealth of wildlife, including giraffes, hippos and buffalo; sleep in a lodge in the park and enjoy the all-encompassing sunrise

Days 5-6: Track chimpanzees in the Nyungwe Forest after stops at various historical museums and monuments en route

Days 7-8: Enjoy Ruhengere for gorilla trekking in the slopes of the Virunga Mountains and Parc des Volcans and cultural performances in the evening before returning to Kigali on your final day.

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Booking Info

Churchill Safaris

Phone: (011) +256 414-341-815

Length/Departs:  8 days / year-round

Accommodation: Hotel, lodge

Price: $1,393

Difficulty: Easy

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