What more can one say about ancient Greece, other than that you must go at some point in your life? After its recent financial turmoil, Greece has returned as one of Europe’s top destinations.

This trip is the ideal introduction to both modern and historic Greece. You will take in the almost incomparable Athens, see the Parthenon and enjoy sweeping views of the city from the Acropolis. Cross the Corinth Canal to Olympia, stopping and Mycenae and Nafplio along the way. You tour the birthplace of the Olympics, continue on to Delphi and visit the Temple of Athena, before returning to Athens. All this to say nothing of the oodles of baklava and coffee, plus lessons in Greek history and mythology.

Trip Highlights
  • See the home of mythical Agamemnon, the Lions gate, royal tombs and the Cyclopean walls at the UNESCO Heritage Site of Mycenai
  • Visit the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia to learn about the Olympic games, the Temple of Zeus and Hera, the Stadium, the altar of the Olympic flame, and the museum which hosts and impressive statue of Hermes of Praxiteles
  • Take in the Temple of Athena, the Oracle of Delhpi and the Castalian Spring before exploring the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, home to some of ancient Greece’s best remaining masterpieces
Booking Info


  • Phone:
  • Length/Departs:  6 days / year-round
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Price: $1,649 CDN
  • Difficulty: Easy

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