If the antiquity and diversity of Europe have always intrigued you, this may be the tour for you. The Balkans, and Eastern Europe in particular, continue to rank among the fastest growing destinations on the continent—really still newly opened, still really adapting to the 21st century. All this makes the area fantastic travel and exploration.

This 15-day journey by train, mini-bus taxi and ferry begins in Dubrovnik—the ancient city in Croatia that houses some of the best preserved Roman ruins—and includes spots along its stunning Adriatic Coast (Hvar Island and Split, with Diocletian’s Palace) and Zagreb. You take in cool Sarajevo and historic Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ljubljana in Slovenia and iconic Budapest in Hungary. Along route you visit palaces and cityscapes, national parks, pristine beaches and waterfalls, and Slovenia’s tranquil Lake Bled.

Trip Highlights
  • Visit the Bosnian city of Mostar, on the Neretva river, where the famous “peace bridge” once stood and symbolized unity between the the Christian west bank and Muslim east
  • Swim off the coast of Hvar, Croatia, a picturesque island with colourful architecture, a waterfront promenade fringed by palm trees and an historic fortress
  • Indulge in the student-heavy Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with its famous Dragon bridge, Tivoli park, city museum and grand castle perched atop an awesome hill
  • End your tour in Budapest, one of Europe’s great capitals, with towering architecture, Gothic cathedrals, fantastic pastries and a vibrant nightlife
Booking Info


  • Phone: 855.566.8660
  • SM: @tucantraveladventures, @TucanTravel
  • Length/Departs:  15 days / Apr.–Oct., 2019/2020
  • Accommodation: Hotel, guesthouse
  • Special Sale Price (as of Sept 2019): from $1,620 CDN (+ local payment of €240); special pricing may be for limited time. Call for details
  • Difficulty: Easy

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