Following the Soviet-era explosion in 1986 of the Number 4 nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a so-called “Exclusion Zone” was infamously erected around the area, morphing it into a weird hybrid ghost town/wildlife sanctuary.

This trip gains strictly controlled access to the uninhabited zone’s abandoned buildings and wild areas over the course of two days. Escorted by expert guides and a professional photographer, the trip provides unique photographic opportunities as well as tours of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, and the Lavra Historical and Cultural Reserve for a truly unforgettable experience.

Trip Highlights

Spend two days on a guided photography tour through the limited-access “Exclusion Area,” including the abandoned local schools, police and fire stations, hotels, the soccer stadium and the “bridge of death,” as well as the concrete casket around Reactor Number 4.

Explore the nearby Red Forest, where you can spot and photograph an increasing number of diverse wildlife, including moose, deer, beavers, owls, brown bear, lynx and wolves.

This is a highly controlled tour: you cannot sit on the ground, nor can you touch the vegetation or objects found on the ground, drink the water or smoke in the Exclusion Area.

Start and end your visit in Kiev, a bustling metropolis with museums, galleries and some of Europe’s finest restaurants and beer.

Booking Info


  • Phone: 888.216.3401
  • Length/Departs:  Five days / check site for depart dates
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Price: $1,090
  • Difficulty: Easy

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