Many people choose to go south for the holidays, but few venture all the way to the Antarctic! Next year, spend the holiday season surrounded not just by snow but by penguins, seals and whales on an unforgettable journey to the bottom of the planet.

You board an expedition ship in Ushuaia, Argentina, and sail the Beagle Channel and the renowned Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Then you head ashore by Zodiac to set foot on the infamous White Continent, where you can photograph the wildlife and gaze at the incredible landscape—all before sailing north to the South Shetland Islands, and on to Argentina to celebrate the new year.

Trip Highlights
  • Spot orca, various types of penguins, leopard seals and other rare wildlife in one of the least-visited parts of the world
  • Head off the boat for optional excursions by hiking ashore, sea kayaking around the ice floes and wild camping
  • Learn from a resident photography expert who can show you how best to digitally capture the remarkable landscape
Booking Info


  • Phone: 604.390.4900
  • Length/Departs:  11 days / Dec. (check website for depart date 2019)
  • Accommodation: Ship
  • Price: $9,195 US
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate

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