If you’re looking for the beach break to end all beach breaks, might we suggest Colombia as your 2018 destination?! This vibrant 13-day tour takes in some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular islands, plus delves into the history, culture and riches of a spectacular South American country once thought to be the gateway to El Dorado, the elusive, fabled City of Gold!

You begin in the capital city of Bogota, where you wander through historic neighbourhoods, and visit both the renowned El Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) and Botero Museum, with its collection of Picassos, Renoirs and Monets. And see the historic, pulsating Candelaria district (that’s it in the photo above, when Team Outpost was there!), as well as soak up a bit of the city’s legendary nightlife.

You fly to the 10-square-mile Providencia Island in the Caribbean. Declared a World Heritage site, Providencia has the third-largest barrier reef on the planet, as well as blue holes and plenty of shipwrecks. Stroll the island’s thick forest in search of tropical birdlife, spend the day on its white sands or in azure warm waters, or cross the wooden bridge to Santa Catalina Island.

Colombia Beaches, Caribbean Coast

Colombia’s turquoise waters (Herney/Pixabay)

You continue to San Andres Island, with its vibrant mixture of Spanish, English and African heritage. And explore the coral island’s colonial architecture, do some shopping, partake in a little birdwatching, go swimming or snorkelling, or just take in all that Caribbean vibe on endless sandy beaches.

From San Andres you fly to the mainland and the historic 16th-century fortress city of Cartagena. One of the oldest European settlements in the Americas, stroll the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town, and visit its stunning cathedral and Museum of the Inquisition.

Follow the coast to Tayrona National Park. With its palmed beaches, clear tropical waters and abundant wildlife, Tayrona is a popular spot for Colombians and international visitors alike. Hike the jungle in search of monkeys, iguanas, birdlife and maybe even a jaguar, or just enjoy a final plunge in the Caribbean Sea, before returning to Bogota and your flight home. Not a trip or a destination you will forget!

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  • Phone: 800.820.7932 
  • Length/Departs: 13 days/year-round
  • Accommodation: Hotels
  • Starting Price: $2,295 US
  • Difficulty: Easy

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