As we make our way into the final quarter to 2020 and continue to work to flatten the global-COVID curve, we’d like to thank all those who did their part (in particular, the incredible healthcare workers, worldwide!), and to express sincerest condolences to all who lost loved ones. Hopefully the world will heal, and a vaccine to permanently combat this dreadful disease will arrive.

At Outpost, we believe good travel is essential to human inter-connectedness and to a more peaceful world. As travel restrictions evolve or lessen and we reconsider how to travel, we asked a few top travel companies how the COVID pandemic has reshaped their operations, and where they stand now. Here’s Sylvia Watson of Canmore, Alberta-based Yamnuska Mountain Adventures:

Question #1 | Are you (re)focusing or redirecting tours to specific destinations, geographic regions, or types of experience/travel due to COVID-19?

Sylvia Watson/Yamnuska | No, most of our programs and courses are within the Canadian Rockies, and this has not changed.

#2 | What health and safety protocols have you implemented for tours, in light of COVID-19?

SW | Please see our new protocols as outlined online for our guests at “COVID-19 Alberta Stage 2 – The Mountains are Calling!” More specific details are given to our guides and operations team.

#3 | Does your protocol include a new plan for consumers who get sick when travelling with you? What aid can consumers expect if they become ill?

SW | Every guest will have to fill out a health declaration at the start of the program. For each day there after they will need to initial to acknowledge that there are no changes in their health. If a guest becomes ill while on a program with us the following precautions will be taken: Suspected COVID-19 Evacuation Process.

  • Use PPE gear including disposable gloves for all who will be in contact with patient.
  • Ensure patient has PPE gear on.
  • When possible use existing resources to evacuate patient.
  • Keep patient in quarantine until evacuation is possible.
  • The patient must be transported to the closest medical facility.
  • Heightened hygiene must be put into place including deep cleaning and disinfecting of all gear and clothing.

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Canmore Kananaskis | An Outpost Rocky Mountain Adventure
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 #4 | Are you offering any (great) travel deals (discounts, special offers, deals to iconic destinations) to consumers at present, or planning on doing so in future? 

Yamnuska | Watson’s says there are no specific deals relating to the current (COVID-impacted travel) situation; however, “to keep up to date on all of Yamnuska’s news and special offers” she encourages people to visit their website and their Canadian Rockies Hiking blog regularly.

#5 | Given the recent COVID-19 driven complications surrounding return, credit and cancellation policies, how are you addressing concerns around presale deposits for 2021/2022 in the event of a pandemic resurgence?

SW | “We have an updated booking and cancellation policy.” Here are links to Yamnuka’s Booking and Cancellation Policy and its COVID-19 Revised Cancellation & Refund Policies. ***

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